Social Change

Bright Green Futures’ mission is to create a living movement to put people and planet at the core of housing. We are leading by example and campaigning to make this happen.

I am passionate about genuine and sustainable change and therefore in my non-work time I devote my energy to a global grassroots peace-building organisation: Balanced View, with whom I have trained up to work out how we can make this come about.

And I am not alone. At Bright Green Futures a significant number of staff members participate in Balanced View training: we actively train up our ability to rely on our innate relaxed beneficial nature, which we call Open Intelligence. This helps us to ensure ethical conduct at the highest level and supports us in triggering genuine social change from the grassroots.

If you are interested in this approach to social change, here is a fascinating talk:

You can read more about our policy campaign and proposed solution here. If you are interested in supporting our campaign to put people and planet at the core of housing please register your interest here. We’d love to hear from you.