The Bright Green Futures Self-Build Journal

When I built my first home in my mid-20’s an architect friend gave me a great tip: “Buy a beautiful Moleskine Journal where you record all your contacts, main lessons, and important information about your build in one place. Have it with you every time you go to site or see suppliers.

I can’t tell you how much this small tip helped me. I had all my contacts in one place and still go back to these now many years later to draw on the connections made such a long time ago. It helped me to organise and when I learned something important there was a specific place I would write it down. Believe me, when doing a self-build the learning can be so fast that it’s easy to forget important aspects.

Writing them down reinforces them in your memory. You are also then able to go back, read and consider the main points, or spend more time reflecting on inspirations and ideas. When going to your building site and builders merchants the good old paper and pen method still wins over electronic devices in my view.

The problem was that there was no Journal available from Moleskine or any other provider that is specifically geared to doing a self-build. I thought it would be great to have a journal that gives the reader prompts to guide them on a step-by-step journey, through considering what they may want from their self-build and how to achieve it.

And so I teamed up with Journal writing guru, Sam Kotadia, to produce a self-build journal.

We want it to be a really beautiful book – lovely to touch and look at – something you will treasure and treat well. A place to record all the essential information, dreams, ideas and inspirations that can then lead you to build a great home. The journal is not just for people building in community, but anyone considering doing a self-build. It is for everyone who is thinking about it and what steps to take next in order to explore their dreams further.

excerpts coming soon

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