What Steffie can do for you

“Many people come to Bright Green Futures and want to know what we are all about and if they can trust us. They want to know the people behind it. And hence I was asked as the company’s founder, to create my personal website, so you can get to know me a little better.

I have trained, advised and mentored many people on sustainable energy solutions, eco-construction, self-building and ethical entrepreneurship. Therefore, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share what I know freely.

I can help you set up your own sustainable housing community or offer you to join one of ours at Bright Green Futures. I may be able help you get a better work life balance and a better quality of life whilst also having a greater impact. At least I have been told that’s what I am good at and I will use this website to share my experience and what has worked for me.”

“10 years ago I was working as a sustainable energy consultant. In my view, what my property developer clients wanted to do about sustainability was not good enough and not sufficiently addressing world problems such as climate change. Neither did I feel these new housing developments were designed to be places where people would truly flourish, places that make one feel delighted and like anything is possible. And since I could not convince any property developer to go all the way with these ambitions, I thought it might as well be me. Almost everyone said that it would not work. But here we are: Bright Green Futures is on its third project, Water Lilies. Our projects are more than doubling in size each time, and we’re having a lot of fun along the way.

But we are only getting started. I no longer work on my own. We now have a progressive, innovative and dynamic team. Next year my book is coming out, as well as the Bright Green Futures Self-Build Journal. We won two awards this year, have started campaigning for policy change to put people and planet at the core of housing, and we have fund-raised to make a documentary film about Water Lilies. Not only this, but we will soon be getting ready to start on site at Water Lilies, which will probably be the most sustainable and empowered living community in Britain. But that’s all hypothetical, what I really love about it is to see how our clients transform their lives throughout their Bright Green Futures journey, just like I experienced many years ago.”