Bright Green Futures

In today’s world it is a moral imperative that we build communities where people can truly thrive and live in harmony with the planet. Bright Green Futures exists to make this possible for all people in the world, starting in Bristol.

bright green futures - the courtyard
Bright Green Futures is the property company I founded which has a pioneering approach to property development: through great design, community involvement and self- and custom-build homes.

Bright Green Futures puts people and planet at the core of housing. Like Grand Designs, but for people on a wide range of budgets who get a flourishing neighbourhood at the end too. Bright Green Futures won two awards in 2018 for our sustainable approach to housing delivery: ‘Best Housing Development Company – Bristol’ and ‘Best Eco-Aware Community Housing Initiative – South of England’.

Bright Green Futures property portfolio currently exceeds £12m in GDV. Click on the logo to go to Bright Green Futures’ website.

bright green futures - building the courtyard

bright green futures - building the courtyard